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Different things can symbolize "home", such as family, friends, pets, nature, peace or even good food. That's why you protect everything you hold dear by putting them in a truck and CRUSHING THOSE WHO THREATEN YOUR HOME ON WHEELS.

PROTECT WHAT'S IMPORTANT – Choose the most important value of home and be willing to stand for it. DOMINATE WITH YOUR TRUCK – Crush the other truckers! Use your truck's trailer and whip them out before they get you.

LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM – Up to 4 player can compete against in this fast paced, nerve wrecking battle of trucks and values.

Your goal is to destroy other players. Swing your trucks trailer and hit your enemies cabin. Remember, you can only destroy player by hitting their cabin! Trailer-to-trailer hit won't do any damage.

CONTROLS – Xbox (up to 4 player) or keyboard (2 player)
Accelerate: A,
Brake/reverse: B,

If using keyboard you can make your choices with 'E' (player 1) and 'O' (player 2) keys. You can also go back/unlock your value of choice with 'Q' (player 1) and 'P' (player 2) keys.


Home on Wheels 33 MB

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